Is Tooth Piercing For You?

A popular song from a few decades back referenced diamonds on the soles of shoes, something that not even the most ostentatious folks would endorse. However, placing diamonds everywhere else is still a popular practice, including in your teeth. If you have a hankering for placing a gem in your enamel, you should know a few things before you proceed. Tooth Piercing Many places now offer what is know as " Read More 

Were You A Smoker? Know Your Options For Teeth Whitening

Congratulations, you finally gave up smoking and are one step closer to living a healthy lifestyle. The problem you have to deal with now is what to do with your teeth that have been stained from years of smoking. Stained teeth are not something you need to deal with forever, since you do have options for getting them white again as an ex-smoker. A Thorough Teeth Cleaning Can you not remember the last time you have been to your dentist? Read More 

Clear Aligners And What They Can Do

If you have crooked teeth that should really be straightened out, then you may not like the idea of getting straighter teeth with the use of regular braces. They can be obvious, uncomfortable and they make eating certain foods nearly impossible. Luckily, there is a great option that may be available to you that comes in the form of clear aligners. These aligners will perform the same task regular braces do, but without being so invasive. Read More 

Choosing Between Veneers And A Retainer

If you are unhappy with your smile, there are a number of options through cosmetic dentistry that can aid you in getting the perfect smile. For many people, the issue is that they do not like the spacing of their teeth. Even after braces, you may find that you still have horizontal spacing through the teeth that make gaps or appear to be too wide. If you want to fix this problem and achieve perfect tooth spacing and symmetry, the two main options are veneers or retainers. Read More 

Types Of Mouth Guards That Are Available To Address Jaw Pain

Jaw pain at night can be debilitating. The pain can present in the jaw or in other places, such as the forehead, much like a sinus headache. Often it can be hard to determine what is causing the pain, since it feels like something else! Luckily, there are methods to reduce or even eliminate pain caused by clenching your teeth at night. Over-the-counter Solutions Your first thought might be to go to the pharmacy and pick up one of the generic, over-the-counter, mouth guards. Read More