Clear Aligners And What They Can Do

If you have crooked teeth that should really be straightened out, then you may not like the idea of getting straighter teeth with the use of regular braces. They can be obvious, uncomfortable and they make eating certain foods nearly impossible. Luckily, there is a great option that may be available to you that comes in the form of clear aligners. These aligners will perform the same task regular braces do, but without being so invasive. Learn all about clear aligners by reading this information: 

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are clear, semi-soft appliances that fit on both the top and bottom rows of your teeth, there is one appliance for each row. They are molded to fit right over your teeth, while putting enough pressure on the ones that need to shift in order to allow that movement.

These aligners will be made using a mold of your teeth and gums, which you will sit for in the dentist's office (such as Once the aligners are made, you will come back in so the dentist can make sure they fit correctly. If so, then you will leave with them that same day. As your teeth shift, you will need to pick up new aligners, so the movement will continue until your treatment is complete.   

How do you care for clear aligners?

Clear aligners are quite easy to care for. You will need to take them out of your mouth in order to clean them. Once removed, you can use warm water and your toothbrush and toothpaste to scrub them on the inside and outside. Also, if you get something trapped in them while wearing them, you simply have to take them off, run them under water and clean them with your fingertips. Store them in their storage container when you sleep at night. Clean them before and after each use as well.

What are the benefits of wearing clear aligners over regular braces?

Clear aligners will help your teeth to straighten without a lot of the irritation that can come from wearing braces. The metal pieces of braces can cause cuts and sores to areas inside your mouth. Clear aligners are soft and smooth, eliminating this worry. Also, the clear aligners aren't as easy for people to notice when they look at you, which allows you to get a straighter smile without everyone knowing you are currently undergoing treatment for crooked teeth.