Were You A Smoker? Know Your Options For Teeth Whitening

Congratulations, you finally gave up smoking and are one step closer to living a healthy lifestyle. The problem you have to deal with now is what to do with your teeth that have been stained from years of smoking. Stained teeth are not something you need to deal with forever, since you do have options for getting them white again as an ex-smoker.

A Thorough Teeth Cleaning

Can you not remember the last time you have been to your dentist? Then you are long overdue for a teeth cleaning. If you have a lot of plaque buildup on your teeth, then it may be the plaque that has become discolored. Removing the plaque will help restore the teeth to some whiter shades, so all hope is not lost.

Teeth Whitening Treatments

There will be professional and at-home whitening treatments that you can try. If you only have minor discoloration after the cleaning, start with a treatment that you can do at home. These treatments use peroxide, a bleaching solution that is kind of weak in comparison to the professional treatments. This may be enough to get your teeth to the color that you desire.

Home treatments range from the basic kind that you can pick up from your local drug store, or more advanced treatments from a dentist. Advanced treatments include using custom trays designed to fit the exact shape of your teeth, which ensure that the whitening solution is making as much contact with the teeth as possible.

For teeth that have serious discoloration issues, a dentist can perform a treatment in their office that uses a more powerful bleach solution. This can lead to some impressive results, so definitely consider it for extreme strains.

Dental Veneers

Have whitening treatments still left your teeth an undesirable shade? Veneers are a viable option that can make your smile as white as you want it. The process involves shaving off a thin layer of enamel from the teeth, and then applying a veneer shell on the front of them. All your teeth will be a uniform shape, size, and color, so it will also fix any other cosmetic issues that you have.

Not sure about what method you should use? Meet with your dentist for a consultation about what option will be best. You may be surprised about how white your teeth can get after having them treated by a professional.

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