Is Tooth Piercing For You?

A popular song from a few decades back referenced diamonds on the soles of shoes, something that not even the most ostentatious folks would endorse. However, placing diamonds everywhere else is still a popular practice, including in your teeth. If you have a hankering for placing a gem in your enamel, you should know a few things before you proceed.

Tooth Piercing

Many places now offer what is know as "tooth piercing." Of course, this procedure only makes the tooth looked pierced. Actually drilling through the tooth would be incredibly destructive, possibly cracking the tooth and inviting tooth decay. When diamonds or imitation jewels are placed on the tooth, they are inserted into a composite that is placed onto the tooth's surface. A ring can be attached in this way, making it look as if the tooth has been penetrated when it has not. In other instances, gems are simply put on a front tooth to add some unexpected bling to your smile. Once you've had this procedure done, the world will notice.


Tooth piercing or gems do come with some dangers. For instance, they can wear on your tooth's enamel, weakening it and making it prone to decay. Unfortunately, tooth gems are great places for food bits to hide, so diligent oral cleaning is vital. Also, the gems can leave a discolored spot on your tooth that might be difficult to remove. Also, having a real gem placed in your mouth may be a temptation for thieves who would not hesitate to try and remove it.

Professional Help

If you are sure you want this type of adornment in your mouth, you need to have it applied by a dental professional. This procedure should not be done in a mall or at home with a DIY kit. If you damage your tooth, the cost to your appearance and to your dental health can be severe. Not all dentists offer this service, so do some research before you set an appointment. No matter how tempting that piercing salon price may be, don't put your oral health in the hands of a layperson.

Dental adornments can be fun and flashy, and if you really want one, go ahead and have it done. A diamond on your tooth certainly makes a statement. Make certain that you let your dentist take charge of the process and follow their tooth care advice afterward to keep your mouth healthy.

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