The Top Three Reasons Why You Might Want To Bleach Your Gums: Explaining An Odd Cosmetic Dentistry Practice

Bleaching your gums sounds like something out of an old horror movie, but in reality, it is not an uncommon cosmetic procedure. There are many factors which cause gums to be discolored: medications, genetics, chain smoking, a particular ethnicity, etc. Here are the top three reasons why most cosmetic dentistry patients request gum bleaching as a follow-up procedure to whiter smiles. Discolored Gums Are More Noticeable with Whiter Teeth The whiter your teeth, the more noticeable your gums are by contrast. Read More 

Being Smart About Your Snacks Leads To A Better Smile

Do you think that habitual snacking leads to problems for your teeth? Truth is, it depends on a lot of things. When you eat, it's your mouth's duty to clean things up and try to restore its own natural balance. Three meals per day is a natural and healthy habit, but consuming food almost non-stop forces your mouth to work twice as much to maintain a clean and balanced state. This is especially harmful when you choose the wrong foods. Read More 

Five Reasons Your Teeth Are Sensitive To Heat And Cold

Teeth sensitivity is a common problem, and though it can be caused by a cavity or abscessed tooth, it can be caused by a number of other factors as well. The foods you eat can play a part even if your tooth is not damaged, and even the way you brush can make your teeth more sensitive. The good news is that this sensitivity can often be alleviated simply by changing certain habits. Read More 

Intro To Root Canals

The phrase 'root canal' is a dreaded phrase by many, one which evokes horrifying imagery of unimaginable suffering. If your dentist informs you that you need a root canal, it is only reasonable to experience pure terror at the very notion. However, the reality of the procedure is much less harrowing experience than the general public would have you believe. Here is an explanation of what a root canal really is, and exactly how it will affect you. Read More 

Self-Care After Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implant surgery varies from patient to patient, surgery to surgery. Some dental implant surgeries are extensive while others are minimal, with only a single tooth implanted. In addition, patients can also react to surgeries in different ways. In other words, the way that you react to your own dental implant surgery will depend on the circumstances of your particular procedure. Your dentist may give you specific advice for self-care after your procedure. Read More