Thinking About Getting Dental Implants? Consider These 5 Reasons You Should Do It

Having one or several teeth that are missing can make you deal with many challenges. It can cause you to have less self-confidence, feel less attractive, and potentially stop you from doing things that you love to do. You can fix this problem with dental implants, which will function and look just like real teeth. Here are several reasons why you should get them.

To Stop Your Teeth From Shifting

Did you have orthodontic work as a child to fix your crooked teeth? It's possible that all that orthodontic work could be messed up because of missing teeth. The gap that is left behind will cause teeth to shift over time, which can ruin your smile even more.

Having a dental implant in that gap will stop your teeth from shifting, and preserve the orthodontic work you had done.

To Chew Better

Missing teeth will cause problems with the food that you eat. Depending on what teeth are missing, it can be incredibly hard to chew tougher foods like steaks or apples. Having the dental implant will let you chew these types of foods without any issues, and you'll be able to enjoy them once again.

To Improve Your Physical Appearance

By fixing any missing teeth with a dental implant, you will definitely have a renewed confidence when you smile. You won't try to hide your missing tooth with your lips when talking, and will go back to smiling like you once did. This can sometimes be the greatest change from getting a dental implant, because other people will notice how you think of yourself through your smile.

To Prevent Bone Loss

While other replacement methods for teeth will fill in the gap, like a crown or partial dentures, none of them actually prevent bone loss. This is because an implant is surgically implanted into your jaw, which helps stimulate your gums when chewing. This helps prevent bone loss from happening to your jaw, and causes your jaw to be healthy.

To Feel At Ease

Other forms of teeth replacement are not as successful as getting a dental implant. Crowns can break, and dentures can slip and fall out of place. Meanwhile, dental implants have a 98.4% success rate. If your surgery is successful and the implant integrates with the jaw, expect to have very few problems with the dental implant. It can potentially last the rest of your life.

For more benefits of dental implants, speak with your dentist.