6 Health Conditions Associated With Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is an infection that attacks the gums and bones that support your teeth. While thought at one time to be confined to the mouth, researchers have found that it may be a a related risk factor for several other serious health conditions. Diabetes It was previously thought that periodontal disease was a consequence of diabetes. Diabetics, especially those whose disease is not under control, have a greater risk of infection overall. Read More 

3 Tips For Keeping Your Baby’s Mouth And Teeth Healthy

Becoming a new parent is very exciting, but there is also a learning curve as you discover how to properly care for a new baby. Like most parents, you probably want to keep your new child healthy, and good oral hygiene is an important part of overall good health. Use the following tips to ensure that your baby's mouth and (eventual) teeth stay healthy: Begin an Oral Hygiene Routine Early Read More 

About Metal Braces For Moving Gapped Teeth Together

Do you and your loved ones have gaps in between multiple teeth? The problem may be hereditary and can be corrected by visiting a family dentist to see if wearing metal braces is the best way to close up the gaps. Find out below about gapped teeth and getting braces for your family. What Causes Someone to Inherit Gapped Teeth? Gapped teeth can be inherited when your family has a history of having large jawbones and small teeth. Read More 

3 Reasons Not To Fear A Root Canal

Root canals are endodontic procedures that involve the removal of the pulp or living material that lies inside of a tooth. The pulp contains the dental nerves, which may become inflamed if the tooth is infected. The inflamed nerves can cause excruciating pain that can sometimes only be alleviated by their removal. Once the pulp and nerves are removed and the interior of the tooth is cleaned and sealed, a filling is applied. Read More 

What To Expect When You Get A Root Canal Treatment

If you've never had one before, the idea of getting a root canal treatment can be terrifying. They are associated with pain and severe discomfort. However, root canal treatments are a common dental procedure, and they are nothing to fear. Check out these facts about root canal therapy to help you feel a bit more comfortable. It Shouldn't Hurt Most people hear the term root canal, and they instantly think pain, but that isn't the case, or at least, it shouldn't be the case. Read More