Crowns Or Veneers? Which Is Right For Your Dental Situation?

If you've never had crowns or veneers installed on your teeth, the difference between the two might puzzle you. While the two do share some similarities, their basic uses are quite different. Figuring out which one you need for your oral health is a fairly simple process. Read on to learn the main differences between veneers and crowns and which is right for your teeth.

Both Improve Appearance

When it comes to teeth that look rough, uneven, crooked, or less than perfectly white, both veneers and crowns can be of use. Crowns fit over the entirety of a tooth, covering up the front, sides, and back of the tooth and hiding its imperfections. Veneers, on the other hand, are only adhered to the front of teeth, but they also help improve the look of your teeth.

Veneers for Cosmetic Improvements

Veneers are a great choice if you don't have a need for serious dental work. Veneers can vastly change the look of a smile in a short amount of time. Your teeth don't need to be drilled in order to attach veneers, and the installation process can generally be completed in a single visit, even if you're having multiple veneers installed.

However, veneers can't help you if the problems with your teeth go beyond their appearance. This is where dental crowns come in.

Crowns for Repairs

Dental crowns are the best choice for repairing severely damaged teeth. While it's true that they improve the appearance of smiles by making teeth look whole and healthy, that's not their main purpose.

Crowns are placed on top of teeth that are heavily damaged, broken, or drilled down to the pulp. While simple fillings are generally used when teeth are damaged, if the damage becomes too severe, a filling may not be enough. In these instances, either a crown alone is used, or a crown and a filling are employed together.

The crown mimics the appearance of a real tooth while covering and protecting the remaining portion of the real tooth underneath it. This allows you to continue biting, chewing, and speaking clearly.

Dental crowns and veneers are similar in some aspects, but ultimately serve different purposes. In short, if you have cosmetic damage or you just want your teeth to look nicer than they do, dental veneers should serve you well. If you have more serious damage to your teeth, crowns can prevent further damage and protect your tooth while also making your smile look as healthy as it once was. For further information, talk to a dentist, like one from Centre Family Dentistry, about your specific needs and desires.