Reasons Your Breath Is Bad And What You Can Do About It

No one wants to be the person with bad breath. If you've noticed people backing off from conversations or you've smelled the odor yourself, it's time to take action.  Discovering some of the concerns that could be causing your bad breath can help you on your quest to rectifying the problem. Flossing If you aren't flossing, chances are you also have a bad breath odor. Every time you eat, tiny particles of food often get stuck between your teeth. Read More 

4 Reasons To Get Invisalign

Being able to have a smile that you love and are proud of is important. This may assist you in being more out-going and even feel better about yourself. However, if you weren't born with the straightest teeth, you may want to consider using Invisalign. This is a process that works to even out your teeth for a more attractive smile. There are many reasons to choose this dental process and knowing what some of these are may be the motivation you need to get started. Read More 

4 Things You’ve Heard About Root Canals That Aren’t True

You may cringe your nose at the thought of a root canal. This is likely due to the negative stigma that this particular dental procedure has received over time. However, root canals are nothing to be scared of. In fact, most of the things that you've heard are nowhere near the real truth. Here are four myths regarding root canals: 1. There Is No Pain Present, Which Means a Root Canal Isn't Necessary. Read More 

Tooth Decay Measures And How You Can Protect Your Child From Cavities

Tooth decay in children is still a serious problem in the United States, and it has grown worse since the 1970s when the rate of tooth decay among children actually declined from previous years. Currently, 28 percent of children 2-5 years old suffer from tooth decay, and this rate increases to 50 percent for children between the ages of 12 and 15. The use of fluoride has been instrumental in combating tooth decay in children, but not all people receive fluoride in their drinking water. Read More 

Dental Scaling: An Overview For Patients

If you've been struggling with gum disease for a while and treatments like antiseptic mouthwash and more frequent brushing have not corrected the problem, then your dentist may recommend you undergo a procedure called dental scaling. This is essentially a "deep cleaning" treatment that will kick start your fight against gum disease, hopefully getting it under control before it becomes worse and leads to loose or missing teeth. Here's a look at what you can expect from a dental scaling procedure. Read More