Treatment Options For A Cracked Tooth

Having a cracked tooth in your mouth might not seem like a huge problem to you, but you should not ignore this. A cracked tooth left untreated can lead to other types of problems that can be costly to fix. If you have a tooth like this, you should visit a dentist to find out what treatment options are available. Here are some of the main ways dentists treat cracked teeth.


The most conservative method used for treating a cracked tooth involves using a material called dental bonding. This is what most dentists will try using before moving on to other types of treatment options. Bonding is a material that dentists use for many things, including to fill cavities. When a dentist chooses this option, he or she can apply the bonding material to the cracked tooth. This will not only cover the crack, but it will also seal the tooth. This is important because it stops bacteria from entering into the tooth. If this happens, you could wind up with an infection in the roots of this tooth. Bonding is a simple procedure and is also cost effective.

Veneer or crown

The next option a dentist might use is a veneer or a dental crown. Veneers are coverings used for front teeth, while crowns are coverings used for molars. If a crack is really large and bonding will not be sufficient, fixing a cracked tooth is easiest when the dentist covers it up with one of these dental products. This option is costlier than bonding, but it will also last longer and may offer better protection for your tooth.

Dental implant or bridge

If the tooth is severely cracked and cannot be fixed in any other way, your dentist might recommend extracting the tooth and replacing it with a dental implant or a dental bridge. If the crack is too large, or if the tooth is simply too weak to remain in your mouth, extracting it can be the only way to treat the problem. After extracting the tooth, dentists can replace the missing tooth with either a dental bridge or a dental implant. Both are great options, and you can ask your dentist about the differences between them.

These are some of the options dentists use for treating cracked teeth. If you want to save money on the services, you should see a dentist as soon as you discover the crack in the tooth. When you are ready to see a dentist, contact a clinic, like Pinon Hills Dental, to schedule a visit.