If You’re On Anti-Depressants And Have Bad Breath, A Dentist Can Help

Many people need anti-depressants to get through their day but hate the way it makes their breath smell. In this article, you will learn not only about how anti-depressants cause bad breath but also how to transition off of your meds with the help of a doctor, how to identify bad breath caused by non-depression anxiety, and how a dentist can help. How Anti-Depressant Medications Cause Bad Breath While anti-depressants are often critical for those with severe medical depression, they can actually contribute to the development of bad breath. Read More 

Resolving The Problems Of CPAP Machines With A Dental Appliance

Having a CPAP machine to control your sleep apnea can make a huge difference in your life, sleep quality, and overall health. However, it isn't always the most ideal way of treating sleep apnea. CPAP machines have plenty of disadvantages, but that doesn't mean you have to tolerate them. Here are some of the biggest CPAP machine problems that can be resolved with a simple dental sleep apnea appliance. Noise Read More 

Treatment Options For A Cracked Tooth

Having a cracked tooth in your mouth might not seem like a huge problem to you, but you should not ignore this. A cracked tooth left untreated can lead to other types of problems that can be costly to fix. If you have a tooth like this, you should visit a dentist to find out what treatment options are available. Here are some of the main ways dentists treat cracked teeth. Read More 

Putting Off That Dental Cleaning Procedure? Motivate Yourself With These 5 Facts

It's a fact that some people like to procrastinate. But when what this action involves postponing important health care needs, like dental cleanings, seeking motivation is in order to correct the problem. If you are one of the thousands of people who routinely wait too long between cleanings, here are five very motivating facts to help you cure your procrastination and take charge of your dental health.  1. Helps protect an attractive, healthy smile  Read More 

What You Should Know About Dentures

When most people think about dental care and teeth replacement options, dentures are one of the options that most often come to mind. However, in spite of this fact, many people do not know much about dentures and how they can help. Get to know some of the important facts about dentures. Then, you can better determine if dentures are a good option for you and your dental care.  Dentures Are Not Just for the Elderly Read More