Pose These Questions When Your Child Has A Baby Tooth With A Cavity That Needs A Filling

When you take your child to the dentist, you may sometimes be surprised to hear that your child has a cavity in a baby tooth. Pediatric dentists deal with such issues in different ways. Sometimes, they're tempted to leave the tooth alone because it will soon fall out. In other cases, the dentist will advise filling the cavity. You should always take an active interest in your child's dental health, and this means asking some questions about how the dentist will proceed. If the dentist is leaning toward filling the tooth, these questions are worth asking.

When Will The Tooth Fall Out?

While there are lots of benefits of filling a cavity in a child's baby tooth, you can't ignore that there's also a cost associated with this work. Additionally, while an appointment for a filling is noting to fear, your child might be a little anxious about this procedure. It's worthwhile to ask the dentist when he or she expects the tooth to fall out. If some of your child's baby teeth have already fallen out, and the dentist suggests that the tooth with the cavity will soon fall out, too, he or she may decide not to fill it.

What Are The Risks Of Not Filling It?

If you'd rather not get the tooth filled, you want to be sure about your decision. One thing that you should discuss with the dentist is if there are any negative consequences to just leaving the cavity and expecting that the tooth will soon fall out. The dentist will be able to give you some risks of not filling the tooth if there are any. For example, if the cavity is fairly advanced, your child may end up facing frequent toothaches from not filling it. In this case, it would be better to deal with the problem.

How Can You Prevent Future Cavities?

It's worthwhile to ask the dentist why he or she thinks the cavity developed. The dentist should have an informed decision based on the position of the cavity in the mouth. For example, he or she might suggest that you or your child hasn't been doing enough to keep the child's molars clean. Ask the dentist what you can do to prevent future cavities. This could include something as simple as being more careful while brushing, or perhaps considering a dental procedure, such as having sealants placed on the molars.

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