Missing Teeth? Why It Is Worth It To Spend More Money To Get Dental Implants

If you are missing teeth, you have many options to replace them, such as dentures and dental bridges. Another option you have is dental implants. This can be much more expensive when compared to other procedures, but it is very well worth it. To help you decide, below are some reasons why it is worth spending more money.

Easy to Clean

If you choose dentures for missing teeth, you have to remove them every night and morning to clean them. This takes time, and you spend money on cleaning supplies. Dental implants work just like your normal teeth. This is because they are implanted and connected to your jaw bone.

Because implants are so secure in your gums, you can brush and floss them just like your regular teeth. This saves you a lot of time, and you don't have to worry about purchasing cleaning solutions.

Better Than a Dental Bridge

You have the option of the dentist using a bridge to replace your teeth. With a dental bridge, the dentist installs a crown on the teeth on each side of the open space, and then places an artificial tooth in the gums. The dentist will then place crowns over the teeth to close the gap. These crowns also support the artificial tooth.

With a bridge, the artificial tooth is not fixed to your jaw, which means the tooth will not last as long as dental implants. Also, it is more difficult to floss and brush when you have crowns. This is because the space between the teeth are much tighter, which means food can easily get stuck in between the teeth.

Much More Comfortable

Dental implants are much more comfortable than dentures. This is because if dentures are not put in properly after you clean them, they can easily move around in your mouth. This makes the dentures rub against your gums, which can lead to discomfort. Taking dentures in and out each day may also affect your gums and cause irritation. Because dental implants are secured to your jaw, they have no discomfort at all, as they feel like your natural teeth.

As you age, your jawbone will shrink, which will cause the dentures not to fit properly.

Talk with your dentist about dental implant services. They can explain to you in detail how they are installed in your mouth. The dentist can also go over other benefits you will find by choosing implants over dentures or dental bridges.