Why Implants Are Used For Securing Dentures

Are you planning to get dentures to replace your missing teeth? If so, know that you may want to have some dental implants installed to make the procedure work. While regular dentures use suction to keep the dentures in place throughout the day, implants can be used to keep denture secure and offer some improvements. Here are some reasons to use implants to secure new dentures.

Implants Improve the Health of Your Jawbone

You may not realize that your jawbone needs stimulation in order for it to stay healthy. This happens naturally with your teeth since the pressure put on your teeth while eating is enough to give the jawbone the stimulation it requires. However, losing teeth means that you do not have anything inserted into the jaw to provide stimulation.

If you use implants to hold dentures in place, your jawbone gets stimulation directly from the dentures. All of that pressure from biting across the entire set of dentures will be put on those implants, which keeps everything healthy. Your jawbone won't lose mass as a result of not having any remaining natural teeth.

Implants Still Make Dentures Removable

Dentures that use implants will help the dentures be stable in your mouth, but the dentures are not a permanent fixture. The dentures can still be removed for regular cleaning, repairs, or replacement if necessary. This gives you some flexibility with your dentures that you wouldn't normally have with dental implants.

Implants That Support Dentures Are Cheaper

One reason that you may be interested in using implants to support dentures is because you are on a budget. The procedure only requires as few as four implants to be installed in each jawbone, making a total of 8 dental implants if you need a full upper and lower set of dentures. This means that you need fewer implants than if you just got dental implants. This can really help save you money, mainly because you are dealing with fewer implants. In additional, you'll end up saving money because dentures will cost less than what it costs for individual crowns.

If you're still on the fence about using implants to secure your dentures, ask your dentist during your next visit. The entire procedure will be quick, and you'll even be able to leave the same day the implants are installed with your new dentures, limiting your recovery time compared to receiving just implants.

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