How You Can Avoid Dental Emergencies And Other Issues

It's just as important for people to know how to best avoid dental injuries as it is for them to have knowledge of avoiding other types of injuries. If you don't put forth a little effort into learning how to properly protect your teeth in certain situations then you can find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency that can cause you a great deal of pain and a dental problem that requires invasive treatments like implant crowns or possibly even full tooth replacement. Here is some information on tooth injury prevention, as well as dental first aid tips in case there is an emergency:

Know when to wear a mouth guard

Most people already know they are supposed to wear a mouth guard when they participate in contact sports. In fact, wearing a mouth guard during games is generally a requirement. However, a lot of people tend to get a bit lax when it comes to wearing the mouth guards for practices, and this makes no sense. There is still a chance of injury during a practice, so make a point of wearing it then as well. Also, put your mouth guard in any other time you know you are putting your teeth in jeopardy such as if you are wrestling rough with friends, you are going to attempt rollerblading again for the first time in ten years, or you are playing catch in your front yard with some friends.

Know when to wear a protective mask

Sometimes something that seems harmless can actually cause instant or even future damage to your teeth. For example, you may not realize that using a sand blaster without wearing a protective mask can cause tooth damage. However, those very fine bits of sand or glass beads can get in your mouth and go between your cheek and teeth. They can rub against the teeth and cause damage to the enamel. Also, you might make sure you wear safety googles when weed whacking, but not give a second thought to protecting your teeth. If you happen to open your mouth when a small pebble gets thrust toward your mouth, then you can break a tooth. This is why you should make sure you wear a protective mask anytime you are working with any materials that can fly toward your mouth.

When to get dental treatment

Anytime you experience a dental emergency that causes a significant amount of pain, an obvious tooth injury or break, loosens one or more of your teeth, or knocks a tooth out you want to make sure you get in to see the dentist immediately. It's crucial for you to get fast treatment so you can decrease your chances of losing your tooth or of it not being able to be re-implanted. Always make sure you bring broken pieces of your tooth or your knocked out tooth with you. Never touch the root of the tooth and keep it moist in spit or milk for transport.