6 Reasons To Get Dental Veneers

One of the very first things others notice about you is your smile. If your smile is perfect, it will make you feel confident when talking to others. Unfortunately, discolored, missing, and broken teeth can cause you to feel self-conscious around others, and the solutions to fix these may not be ideal. Consider getting dental veneers for these reasons.

What Are Veneers?

If you are not aware of what veneers are, they are a very thin layer of porcelain that attaches to the surface of your teeth. They look like natural teeth and cover up any cosmetic problems on the front surface. This includes teeth that are cracked, chipped, discolored, or even that have small gaps.

Reason 1: Installation

The best part about dental veneers is that having them installed is relatively easy. It will require only two appointments with your dentist to have them done. The first one will be when the mold is made of your existing teeth, which is used for creating the veneers. The second is when the veneers are installed on the teeth. There is very little discomfort associated with the procedure, especially when compared to getting a dental crown or dental implants.

Reason 2: Affordability

A basic dental veneer that is .2mm thick will cost as low as $700 per tooth. While this may seem high, realize that it is much cheaper than having a dental implant installed to achieve a similar cosmetic result.

Reason 3: Durability

When you take care of dental veneers, they can potentially last a lifetime. That said, the average veneers will last between 5-10 years. If they break down, you simply replace the veneers with new ones.

Reason 4: Uniform Look

The end result of getting dental veneers will be a uniform look when it comes to your smile. For instance, while whitening will fix the color of your teeth, it won't fix the small gaps that you may have. Without those small imperfections, all your teeth will look perfect to others.

Reason 5: Stain Resistance

Porcelain is a material that looks like tooth enamel, but isn't prone to becoming stained from the foods that you eat. It will ensure that your teeth stay the same shade of white while you have them.

Reason 6: No Irritation

The veneers may be covering the entire surface of your teeth, but they won't cause any irritation with your gums because they are made with porcelain. It's an additional benefit that you may not realize they have.

For more info on dental veneers, speak with a cosmetic dentist at a location such as All About Smiles.