Reasons Your Breath Is Bad And What You Can Do About It

No one wants to be the person with bad breath. If you've noticed people backing off from conversations or you've smelled the odor yourself, it's time to take action.  Discovering some of the concerns that could be causing your bad breath can help you on your quest to rectifying the problem.


If you aren't flossing, chances are you also have a bad breath odor. Every time you eat, tiny particles of food often get stuck between your teeth. The longer these particles remain in the mouth, they start to collect bacteria--bacteria that brings along a foul smell. If you aren't flossing, make it a habit to start incorporating this practice into your oral hygiene regimen to see if this solves your problem.  


Cavities can also cause an individual to suffer from bad breath. In a nutshell, cavities are the bacterial dissolution of a tooth's enamel. It is often the direct result of a poor oral hygiene regimen and diet. An advanced cavity is basically a tooth that is rotting from the inside out, which will undoubtedly have a bad smell. Having the cavity filled covers up any packets of decay and basically stops the process from progressing, ultimately helping improve the smell of your breath.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is an infection that targets the gum tissue that rests around your teeth. It's often caused by an excessive accumulation of plaque. Plaque generally contains high-levels of bacteria, which also output a foul odor. Eliminating the gum disease can help improve the foul smell and your overall oral health. In addition to foul smelling breath, bleeding gums and loose teeth are common. If you suspect you suffer from this condition, it's imperative that you visit your dental provider.

Dirty Dentures

If you happen to wear dentures and are dealing with foul smelling breath, your dentures could be the problem. Although they aren't natural teeth, it's just as important for you to keep your dentures clean as you would your natural teeth. Food particles can cause bacteria to collect on the dentures, causing them to smell. At the end of the day, make sure you're using a soft-bristled toothbrush to brush your dentures and soak them in a nonabrasive cleaner.

If you have bad breath that doesn't seem to be eliminated with regular brushing, it's important to visit your dental provider. Most often, the cause of the bad smell is an underlying oral health concern so make sure you're taking swift action.

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