About Metal Braces For Moving Gapped Teeth Together

Do you and your loved ones have gaps in between multiple teeth? The problem may be hereditary and can be corrected by visiting a family dentist to see if wearing metal braces is the best way to close up the gaps. Find out below about gapped teeth and getting braces for your family.

What Causes Someone to Inherit Gapped Teeth?

Gapped teeth can be inherited when your family has a history of having large jawbones and small teeth. Teeth are unable to fill up a lot of space in the jawbones, so they start to spread out. The gaps can actually get larger if you don't make sure the gaps are closed up. Wearing metal braces is ideal for gapped teeth because the procedure is more affordable than undergoing a cosmetic procedure like dental implants.

What Happens Before Metal Braces are Placed on Teeth?

Basically, an x-ray will be administered before braces can be installed. The dentist will examine the x-ray to determine if you and your family members are good candidates for metal braces. Weak jawbones from periodontal disease may disqualify you or your family members as a candidate for metal braces. The disease can lead to teeth falling out as they move closer together in weak jawbones. The area of the mouth where weak jawbones are located will also play a role in whether wearing braces is ideal or not.

How are Metal Braces Placed on Teeth?

The dentist will attach brackets to your teeth with an adhesive. He or she will then run wires through the brackets to place pressure on your teeth and help them slowly move closer together. The wires will then be tightened with ligatures to make sure they don't break loose.  Each of your family members will have to wear the braces for a while before they are removed. However, each person's time frame to wear the braces will vary based on the condition of his or her teeth.  Results will not likely be seen until the braces have been attached for a few months.

You must keep in mind that the dentist will have to check up on progress during occasional appointments that will be automatically set. It is important for you and your loved ones to attend the appointments because the metal wires will have to be tightened during the visits. Contact a family dentist so you can get the process started for getting metal braces installed on you and your loved ones teeth!