What To Expect At Your Child’s First Dental Visit

It is recommended that a child should see the dentist for the first time by the time they have their first birthday. Taking your little one in to see the dentist for the first time can be a little scary for you if you don't know exactly what to expect. This article will help you understand how that first visit is going to go and what you can do to prepare for it.

Preparing for your child's first dental visit

Get a good look at your child's mouth before the appointment. You may find something that you want to ask the dentist about. Write a reminder note for yourself of any questions you have regarding properly caring for their teeth and/or any questions you have about their development or possible issues you have noticed. Some questions you may want to ask about include:

  • How can you sooth them when they are teething?
  • How often you should be cleaning their teeth?
  • When can your child use regular toothpaste?
  • At what rate should their teeth start coming in?
  • Is thumb sucking bad for the development of your child's teeth?
  • How much juice is too much?
  • Are there any foods you should not be giving your child?
  • Should you be giving your child a fluoride supplement?
  • Is bottled or tap water better?

What to expect at the Dentist

When you take your child in for the appointment, you can expect it to be a non-invasive visit. The dentist will have you hold your child on your lap. The dentist will check the condition of your child's teeth, examine their bite, and look at their gums, tongue, cheeks and jaw to make sure there are no reasons for concern.

If the dentist determines it is necessary, they may clean your child's teeth at this visit. If they decide it's necessary, they may also write you a prescription for some fluoride supplements for you to give your child. One reason they may decide your child's teeth need cleaning is due to staining that commonly occurs in small children.

Before you leave the office you want to make sure you have all the answers you need with regards to the proper care of your child's teeth. You also want to make sure you set up their next appointment. Getting your child in to their regular dental visits at a clinic like Children's Dental Center Of Central Iowa PLC will help increase their chances of having healthy and strong teeth.